Monday, September 22, 2014


I researched the appearance of the iPod in the media. Only of the earliest journalistic uses of my term was in the first update of the iPod. This article titled, A Slimmer, Lighter iPod, With Room for More Music, details the significance of the revamped model to improve storage and durability. This product was first launched in 2001 and since then has been updated countless times. At the time, the iPod update was the hip and new thing to buy; however, in the picture provided with the article looks dated and a way of the past. The most recent article I found was the iPod was no longer used as just an music player but as an educational device that encourages learning both inside and outside the classroom. The scholarly article published in 2014 details how the iPod touch is used to support language and content learning 24/7 because students are attached to their devices. However, many challenges were found due to the need for professional training, technical issues, and time demands. Overall, the iPod started as a music device a little over 10 years ago and now it has developed into not only a music player but including apps and learning tools that are helping to educate students, furthering the information society.

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  1. Becca, that is interesting how much the iPod has expanded over the pass 13 years. Everyone had iPods as kids and only used it for music. Looking back at the first iPods created to the iPhone touch, there is a tremendous difference. The iPod touch has almost all the same opportunities as an iPhone. Now most children use it for the apps and messaging. It also surprises me that they are allowed to have iPods in schools because of the educational resources provided. I can't believe how much it has revolved over the years.