Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Extra Credit

Extra Credit

I went to the African American Expression in Print and Digital Culture, Friday morning before discussion. First, it was a conference of scholars and professionals and I was out of place wearing my athletic gear next to a lecture hall filled with suits. The most interesting piece of information I learned was that a son of Thomas Jefferson is buried on campus. Another thing I learned was Madison is in the middle of race segregation. The opener stated how poor of a city it is to raise African American children in Madison and the racial disparities between whites and African Americans.

The lecture hall then broke up into different conference rooms. I landed in the one next to the food spread. The panel I listened to discussed black musical performances in sound and script. A panel of 3 speakers all read there scholarly papers. The information went way over my head because I did not have enough background on the subject. One of the panelists was speaking here in Madison that morning and then in Berkeley later that day. Obviously high profiled speakers.

A computer picture I took of conference. I do not have the privilege of owning a smart phone camera.

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  1. Interestingly enough, I learned that fact about Thomas Jefferson's son while visiting Monticello this summer...