Monday, September 22, 2014


The term that I decided on was "headphones". According to New York Times, the first article that used the term headphones was dated back to the year 1919. Back in the days, headphones were mainly used in the navy. It was being used to control commercial traffic in the deep sea. Headphones were the only way for us to listen to electrical audio signal. It was originated from earpiece.  Other than that, it was also used for other radio work and for the telephone operators. During the 1940s, audiophile and musicians then started developing stereo headphones that were use for entertainment purposes. The headphones were mostly made universal with the same minijack size. However, the earliest scholarly article that had the term headphones found on Project Muse was only during the year 1989. Even though the term headphones was coined in the year 1919, it was only commonly used by the society only in 1990s. The meaning of the term has not change today, it still represents the same as it was almost 100 years ago.


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  2. I found the part with the navy and the controlling of deep sea traffic interesting and is something I didn't know about. Also weird to think that it took about 70 years for society to use them commonly.