Monday, September 22, 2014


The earliest article I could find that used the word internet was written in It was really difficult to find an article with the word internet in it was written in 1984. Every historical newspaper database gave me results for articles published in the late 1800's but for some reason, the database doesn't know how to differentiate the words "internet" and "interest". So that wasted a lot of my time. The article I found was a financial article talking about the volatile exchange and interest rates along with rapid political and economic changes that increased the need to get information more rapidly. "Information about currency [was] a valuable currency in it's own right." The article introduced internet, a system that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in a perpetually real time mode. It stated that internet will process foreign exchange and money market transactions, keep track of loans and deposits around the world, process current accounts and handle fund transfers, and can handle all other major types of international banking transactions. Searching through the scholarly article databases, they too couldn't figure out the difference between interest and internet. The article I was able to find was published by the International Statistical Institute in 1967. It mentioned a meeting in Vienna where International Congress would gather for project planning of the network analysis they called internet. I believe the term internet has evolved greatly from when it was first originated. Internet was first a system used to transfer analytical and financial information in real-time. Over time, the system evolved from something banks and analysts used to a system used to connect the world. It was able to store all types of information and be used as a means of communication. The term internet stuck and became what it is today.

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