Monday, September 29, 2014

Wonderful New World of Fords

The vintage film from the Prelinger Archives that I watched was a tv commercial for the new line of 1960 Fords called the Wornderful New World of Fords. It starts off the scene in an open field at night with the sky lit with stars and a crowd of very well dressed white people gathered around as shooting stars crash onto the Earth and magically turn into the three new 1960's Fords. This film is useful to modern information infrastructure because it clearly depicts the age of affluence at the time. The people in the commercial were depicted like they were mesmerized by the brand new technology and this influenced the viewers to purchase these cars because society was increasingly consumeristic and materialistic. Society showed their worth by having the latest and greatest technology. This film is also a great example for the postindustrial society framework. The narrator of the commercial mentioned a few times how these cars were making history and were the best on the market in 1960. During this time, Ford and other automobile companies stopped focusing on manufacturing and focused on constantly improving the technology of the time.

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