Monday, October 20, 2014


When I google searched “memex” it came up with a bunch of articles that seemed to either be wiki websites or something nonrelated. But one that caught my eye was a video of a memex animation. This video showed how this machine would be used to access certain information. Just like in Bush’s article, this animation goes through a trail of researching bows and adding his own information to it. I thought it was really interesting to watch because it gave you a visual that you were not able to fully detect in the article. It was also interesting that the films that all of the information was on were just sitting inside the drawers on the desk. This was something when reading the article that I did not imagine in my head. He physically pulls out a roll of the film to send to his friend. Above all though, it is neat that Bush was able to predict this idea of computers and having a mass amount of data storage at our disposal. Even though it is off from what a computer looks like today, it is interesting to see all the concepts he had are similar to what computers do today.

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  1. I really liked the video and thought it was very interesting about how it shows Bush;s idea of computers and what computers do today