Monday, November 17, 2014


Jack Fair, Issac Low, Matt Lux

At first, we worried we would have to walk over to camp Randall. Issac said hell no, so we didn't. We continued to sit on our butts in a warm library and figure out the game Aris. We like the idea of doing a quest with your phone, one of the games that interested us was street art. The game requires us to take pictures of any street art we see. The game had zero reviews on it, which makes us think the game is not very popular. Street art is often associated as controversial and illegal, but can also be seen as positive to our society's culture. The street at we are familiar is the bathroom stall art written over the bathroom stalls or political propaganda drawn on walls during election season.

We think the professor assigned this project to show how technology is intertwined into our fun. Overall, the game isn't all that fun, but we like how to gets you to move around instead of sitting at home and staring into a screen. Interactive technology is a good concept and more focus should be put into it.

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