Monday, December 8, 2014

Final Blog Post

After doing some research regarding hybrid courses in college, I found that they are where students meet in-person as well as online. Many of these courses are given to students because it makes their schedules a lot more flexible and are able to post material online at their own convenience. In the past, hybrid courses were not offered in colleges because the development of the computer and web is fairly new. I know that my parents never had the opportunity to take hybrid courses and that most of their studying was done through the class textbook. With the growth of technology, however, more and more hybrid courses are now being offered to students where they can gather around and share information with their virtual community. This is very similar to this blog site where my peers can view the information that I post.

My online experience enhanced my ability to connect with my fellow peers and even learned more about them. For example, we posted pictures and wrote a description about ourselves as well as what kinds of activities we enjoy doing. I was able to view posts at my own convenience and build a sense of who this individual is and what they like to do. Also, peer editing was conducted online where I could view comments and get immediate feedback as opposed to waiting in class in order to receive my comments. Because of this, I was able to learn more about my peers in the virtual world and get feedback on my essays quickly. In addition, I feel much more comfortable using online resources like blogs after posting things multiple times a week and commenting on other student's blogs. I now have a good sense about how these sites work. UW-Madison should increase online components. It helps students connect with others and build a virtual community with their fellow peers. With technology  on the rise, it is very important for students to understand how the internet works.

The course lectures and readings definitely brought a better perspective to my online experience. I understand more about social media and the ideas behind it as well as other important components of the internet and how it works.

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