Monday, September 29, 2014

As We Like It (Beer Commercial)

The video I chose was a beer commercial called As We Like It from 1952. The commercial follows the production of beer from the fermentation process to when it is served on tap at a local restaurant. Besides the simple mechanics of beer production, the commercial also comments on the pride and integrity of serving quality beer and the social aspects behind the beverage. Small details down to the temperature at which the beer was served were important to servers. This greatly differs to the way beer is served on college campuses. This commercial is worth viewing, especially for college students, because it highlights the old ideology that use to circle around alcohol. Today in society there has been a large shift in alcohol advertisement. This large shift can be greatly accredited to the shift in our way of receiving information and the new technologies in society. Information is increasingly being delivered through new technologies opposed to the old and the primary users of these modern technologies young adults, and often time college students. This audience also happens to be the main consumers of alcohol in today’s society. Being able to link these progressions can help to shape advertisement of beer in the future and the new ideas attached to it.

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