Sunday, September 28, 2014

Folgers Coffee Commercial

I chose a Folgers coffee commercial from the 1960s which shows the use of advertising. This film is useful to students in our modern information society because producers are trying to reach consumers through the television which just started to become very popular. Many companies and organizations today help inform people about their product by passing information in the form of a commercial. This is a useful strategy for many businesses trying to persuade customers to purchase their product; without commercials, many companies would go out of business because there would be no market and a low demand for their product. Furthermore, commercials are a vital asset to the prosperity and growth of a business or any type of organization. Commercials definitely exhibit the modern information society and the passing of information from producer to consumer.


  1. I also watched a video about advertisements and I completely agree with what you had to say.

  2. I found this video very interesting.I really like what you had to say about advertisements and how useful they are to help grow a business and pass information to consumers.