Monday, September 29, 2014

Good Eating Habits

I watched a Coronet Instructional Film on the benefits of proper eating habits which is something all college students should be educated on. The piece followed Bill, first on a day with bad habits like eating too fast or not enough at breakfast and lunch and then snacking on soda and sweets after school and then on a good day where he eats all his food and has a great day. The two days are framed in a cost benefit manner, where on the bad day Bill ends up with a stomach ache and can not play and on the good day does better in class and gets to play a lot. This formula is still used in a lot of educational films. Despite being dated the message is still important and there are plenty of studies backing up the benefits of eating right. College students are somewhat notorious for eating too much ramen and scarfing down pizza faster than it comes out of the oven. We all need a little reminder to take care of ourselves be from our parents or an educational short from 1951.


  1. This is a very relevant topic in today's society, and like you said, especially among college students. Besides the fact that staying properly nourished is crucial for students to be attentive in class and focused on work, it is most importantly key in staying healthy. Combined with good sleep and exercise, proper eating habits allows people to have great days. As you mentioned, it is definitely a must for all of us to watch what we eat and take care of ourselves. Very interesting video that we sometimes seem to overlook.

  2. I really enjoyed this video because it clearly communicated the message of healthy eating habits. As dated as this video may be, the principles displayed in the video are applicable to modern day society. Often people leave very little time to eat and or make poor food choices. As a college student I can directly relate! Many times throughout the day I eat very fast to get to class or I just order "junk food." As a result, I sometimes feel fatigued and can't focus in class because I didn't consume enough food, I ate too fast, or the food just didn't sit well. I am sure that I am not the only student on campus that feels this way! As a society, I believe more importance needs to be placed on food consumption.Great video with a great message!

  3. I also watch an instruction video and I think these were great videos. The one you chose about eating habits really strikes a cord on a major issue in our country right now. I like to see that it was a hot topic so long ago. I'm probably one of those unhealthy stupids who eats way too much junk. I wish I had more time to prepare healthy meals, but your video does show me what I should consume and how much to consume. It will will allow me to eat healthier. It is interesting to see how similar past health videos compare to current health videos used in class today.