Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crest Toothpaste Commercial

I chose to watch a Crest Toothpaste Commercial that aired in the 1960s. This commercial depicts two people in a sporting competition, with one individual always beating the other. However, when the loser of the sporting competition uses Crest toothpaste they will win the toothpaste competition every time. We can learn about the progression of persuasion techniques and the transferring of information from this blunt tactic used to persuade people that Crest is the best. Yes, they use research and credibility to back up their point, yet the main idea is that you will have the upper hand when you use their toothpaste. This is significant because it shows how much more sophisticated and subtle the persuasion techniques have become in the past 50 years. I feel as if this commercial would air today, some may laugh and think that the tactic used was bold. However, it would be remembered that you have to have Crest to win the competition. We can see a clear difference in how persuasion tactics have progressed and how we have become more subtle and creative in the techniques of sharing information. This commercial was in a series of Crest commercials that I watched. They all portrayed the same message that you must have Crest to have the advantage over the competition.

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