Sunday, September 7, 2014


Hi everybody,

My name is Isaac Low. I am a senior this year majoring in Actuarial Science (It has nothing to do with science, it's actually a business major). So, I was born and raised in Malaysia my whole life, my ethnicity is Chinese. I can speak 4 languages. I have 2 siblings, one studies in the UK while the other studied in Australia. So, we are all pretty well-diversified. To me, being able to fly half-way around the world 'SAFELY' to America is definitely an awesome adventure. I have been here in the US for only 1 year and given this chance to meet people from all over the world is definitely interesting and exhilarating.

During this summer, my siblings and I all happened to be on holidays and were able to spend tons of time together in Malaysia. Besides that, I also did some traveling around Asia. Extreme sports and hiking has always been my interest, I travelled to China and was able to do bungee jumping and cliffside plank walking. Here's a photo of me casually walking on a 1ft wide plank 2000meters above sea level. The view was mesmerizing and it was definitely the highlight of the whole trip. My next goal in my bucket list would definitely be spending 1 whole week hiking Grand Canyon.

I have not much writing experience, except for this one time when I had to submit a 10pages paper for my English class here in UW. So, I am definitely looking forward in learning to write better and improve my public speaking skills. Feel free to talk to me, I might look like a very serious looking guy, but Im actually really friendly. Looking forward to take this exciting course with you all! 



  1. I've never heard of cliffside plank walking but it looks like an awesome experience. Good luck with crossing off your bucket list!

  2. That picture of you on the plank is sick! I bet you get a ton of great photos doing all those extreme sports

  3. Wow, people like me would never be able to do that. The view must have been amazing.I'm jealous.

  4. That is an awesome picture! I road tripped to Arizona last spring break with a couple friends and we spent a day hiking in the grand canyon. It was one of the highlights of the trip. I know you can take a week long hike down into the canyon and camp at the bottom of it. I wish you the best of luck with your adventures.

  5. Wow, looks like you are pretty high up there.

  6. I also love to hike! It would be so awesome to hike around Grand Canyon. I'm really jealous of all the cool things you did this summer. I don't know if I could bungee jump or cliff side plank. I would be so scared but good for you!! That sounds amazing!