Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hey Everyone,
My name is Jasmine Skamser. I am currently a sophomore planning to major in Forest and Wildlife Ecology. I am from Oak Park, IL which is a western suburb of Chicago. I love Chicago and have spent a majority of my time in the heart of the city, but have also fallen in love with the city of Madison and everything it has to offer. I am an only child but have two dogs back at home. I mostly spent my time lifeguarding this summer and going to music festivals, Summerfest and Lollapalooza. I love nothing more then simply being outside in the summer and soaking up the sun.

I look forward to taking LIS 201. Prior to this class I took English 100 here my second semester freshman year. It mainly consisted of discussion and writing papers so not a lot of public speaking. I am eager to give speeches, but also terrified by the idea so I am interested to see how this discussion goes. Cheers to a great semester. (I'm the one on the left)


  1. I heard that we might be expecting snow soon.. D= So yeah! Enjoy the warmth while you still can...

  2. Jasmine, I have never been to Lollapalooza but have heard that it's definitely a lot of fun. I was in Chicago once and it was such a great city. I agree that one of the best parts of summer is just nice weather and being able to relax outside for most of the day. Looking forward to this semester in LIS and getting to meet everyone in our section.