Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Logic by Machine

Logic by Machine

The vintage film from the Prelinger Archives I choose to watch was Logic by Machine. This video was made in 1962 and focused on the computer revolution. It was a large increase in computer use at the time. It discusses how much a computer can hold compared to a human. Computers can hold an enormous amount of information, while humans can only hold so much in their brains. The man in the video argues that the most important part of the computer revolution is the impact of the computer and the world outlet. It relates to the Control Society and how they are able to construct the machines (computers) to follow precise instructions. Computers were one of the first steps of total control by man. They are able to come out with in answer in a very short time where as man would take an astonishing amount of time. The machines force new questions that lead to new answers. Computers extended man’s thought by taking numerical information and carrying it out logically. Some people at the time were relying on machines to replace man, however, the guy in the video discusses how he wanted machines and man to work together. Humans ate left to more of the creative aspects. I think this is important to emphasize and compare to modern day technology. People rely a lot on computers to solely do the work for them. It is important to remember that the human mind is capable to do much more than a computer could.

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