Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome to LIS 201 Section 304!

Our section will be meeting on Fridays from 11:00–12:15 in Room 4212 of Helen C. White Hall (alias “College Library”).

HINT: To get to the building’s 4th floor, which is unfortunately less than obvious, look for the elevator or stair entrances to the left of the main College Library entrance. If you run into trouble, ask a librarian (good advice for most things in life!).

Before our first section, I encourage you all to read through the LIS 201 Class Blog and bring any questions you may have to our discussion. There is an awful lot of information there so even getting a sense of what is there will help a lot when you need to find specific information later.

The discussion sections for this course are going to require a lot of interaction. To get comfortable sharing our thoughts with each other, it will help if we first get to know each other a little bit.

So, a little about me, I am a master’s student in the School of Library and Information Studies and a J.D. student at the University of Wisconsin Law School. Between these two programs, I’ve become very interested in copyright and intellectual property issues and the ways that libraries and library groups can advocate for balanced laws. To that end, I spent the past summer interning in Washington, D.C., at the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a tiny federal agency, conducting policy research. 

I am originally from Wisconsin, my parents still live in Neenah, home of one of the world’s most prolific manhole cover foundries. I am also now a double (triple?) badger as I also got my undergraduate degree here in Madison. When not dealing with the rigors of grad school life, I spend a lot of time reading. Lately it’s been an odd combination of vintage sci-fi and political biographies, but my reading habits are largely impulse driven. My wife and I also love exploring Madison’s restaurant scene and the futile quest of trying to find a more perfect donut than the Old Fashioned from the Greenbush Bakery.

So enough about me. I want to know about you! In a blog post of your own, tell us about yourself, your interests, hobbies, favorite author(s)/movie(s)/tv show(s)/etc., favorite places in Madison, and or anything else you feel like sharing. Also, please describe your experience as a writer. What was the last writing-intensive course you took and what are your specific goals for this course? If you need help building your post, check out the Weblog tutorial pageAfter you post, make sure to read your classmates’ posts and leave a (friendly) comment on at least one other post.

Please complete this online assignment by Tuesday, September 9th at 11:59 PM.

I'm looking forward to working with all of you this semester and helping you brush up on your skills as writers and speakers, while hopefully picking up some interesting knowledge along the way. 



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