Thursday, September 4, 2014



My name is Jack Fair. Before you have a chance to ask, Jack doesn't stand for Jackson or any other longer version, just Jack. Not much too know, but I'll give you the basics. I'm from a family of 5, born and raised in Minnesota. I'm told I have a slight accent eh, but I'd like to think everyone else are the ones with the accent.  I have a twin brother who goes to Minnesota, which has drummed up some rivalry between my family. My brother and I could care less about our competing schools, but I guess it gives the others something to chat about. I enjoy swimming and anything athletic involving a team competition. One quark about me, is I do not own a smart phone and have a pet peeve about those who use and abuse them while in the company of others. When I state "use and abuse," I mean snap chat, text, flappy bird, or anything else that causes the user to ignore what's going on in reality.

My experience as a writer is limited to a few papers/blue book essays Freshman year and a high school creative writing class, which I took so long ago that the papers may as well have been written with crayons.

I hope to get to know my discussion well and have a smooth semester with Discussion-304.


Jack (I'm on left Sibling's on the right)

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