Tuesday, October 21, 2014

After searching through the suggested websites, I have done a geodemographic marketing analysis on myself. First, I learned that if someone has my number, they can use the area code to find where I might live. Additionally, they can learn what kind of phone service provider I have. My search told me I have a Verizon wireless mobile phone in Minneapolis, MN. Therefore, people who look for me can know I picked the best phone carrier service and live in the greatest state in the United States, Minnesota.

Also, I learned that if you have the area code I live in currently you can find a lot of demographic information about the place I live in. If someone were to perform a search through the census bureau, they would find that the majority of people who live by me are ages 20-24 (which is correct because most are college students), the majority are white, and the majority of citizens living in my area code are just renting. It just so happens that I fit all three categories. I'm white, renting, and within the age of 20-24.

Lastly, the geodemographic searchers could learn that I common from a limited diversified county in MN. Of a population of about 110,000, 95% of the county was sadly, white.

Overall, the searchers could get a good sense of what type of a person I'm labeled as. Although, they would not be able to tell what type of person I actually am. The search doesn't describe how I act or what I believe in.

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