Tuesday, October 21, 2014


There were a lot of very good articles and websites that I found related to Memex. The one that I ended up choosing is titled "MEMEX AIMS TO CREATE A NEW PARADIGM FOR DOMAIN-SPECIFIC SEARCH.” The article starts off by talking about how web searches could be more organized to find more specific results that people are looking for. In order to do this, DARPA has launched the Memex program, in 2014, which “seeks to develop the next generation of search technologies and revolutionize the discovery, organization and presentation of search results.” The goal of the new search engine is to help individuals find information based on their interests. It also the government and the military organize information. The idea of Memex in this context was originally to help the defense department combat human trafficking, which has a very significant web presence. If Memex can help track this then it would be very helpful. Bush and his Memex idea, of course, inspire the name. Bush described Memex as a technology that could store and cross-reference information about the user making it more efficient to get information. DARPA’s Memex attempts to do this by creating a better database to help the user.
I found this article very interesting. I think that this would make a much better database as often it takes a while to find information on more ambiguous topics. I think that if the search engine knew the user better, then it would be much easier to find pertinent information. It also shows that Bush’s ideas about Memex are slowing becoming a reality which is great for our society as a whole.


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