Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Choice

After researching three books regarding the information society, I narrowed my book choice to two books : "The Reputation Society" and "It's Complicated" which is about the social lives of teens. I chose "It's Complicated" because social networking is all around us, especially in a college atmosphere. People have become more social on the internet connecting with people on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Networking has become much more important and the idea of self individualization has taken over. I chose this book because it sounded very interesting to me and is definitely something that I can relate to; it is a part of my daily life. Mainly, this book is about the social lives of teens and how they use networking websites to communicate and create a social environment. I look forward to reading this book.



  1. I found your choice of "It's Complicated," to be a good one because it does have so many connections to our everyday lives. Mine was a look into how the social platforms affect our personal well-being, while yours looks into how we use networking websites to communication. Our final projects will match up nicely.

  2. I also choose It's Complicated, but didn't realize you already did. I'm going to change mine, but thought I should mention that I found this book extremely interesting. I love how we can all relate to it and I'm curious about the author's point of view of the whole network system.

  3. This seems like a very interesting book to take a look at it, and very pertinent to us at college student's today. It seems to look at social media from two different standpoints, and I am interested to know if the author is supportive or not on this topic. It will definitely explain how even though social media has made us more independent and isolated, we are still all connected through this global network society. Good book selection.