Monday, October 13, 2014

Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture

I started my search for the book on Amazon by using the term 'Information Society'. I saw that there were a lot of books which talked about social media and initially thought of choosing one of those. However, when I looked further into Amazon, I happened to find a lot more other interesting books that talk about technology change and information society. The following  is the list of books that I first chose:

Critique, Social Media and the Information Society (2014)*This book deals with the questions of what kind of society and what kind of Internet are desirable and how participatory, commons-based Internet and a sustainable information society can be achieved. 

How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis (2012)
*The primary concern of the book is the acceptance of digital media in academia, in particular the humanities and social sciences. It presents a cogent rationale for tackling the challenges facing the humanities today.

Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture (2013)
*Spreadable Media maps fundamental changes taking place in our contemporary media environment. It provides a clear understanding of how people are spreading ideas and the implications these activities have for business, politics, and everyday life.

I decided to choose the book Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture because it really caught my attention when I was reading through the synopsis. The book follows up with the author Henry Jenkins, previous book called 'Convergence Culture: Where Old and New Media Collide.' It does not only talk about social media, but it talks about contemporary media, from biological metaphors like “memes” and “viral” to the concept of “Web 2.0” and the popular notion of “influencers.”. It draws on examples from film, music, games, comics, television, advertising, and public relations industries from US and other countries. Even though the book has 350 pages, I think it will be an interesting book to read.

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  1. Spreadable Media would have been my first choice as well so luckily I looked at the rest of the section's choices before I made my decision. It looks very interesting and received good reviews. I'm sure you'll enjoy it!