Sunday, October 26, 2014

Geodemographic Analysis

If a geodemographic firm were to look for me they would find that I am from Roselle, Illinois based on the search I did of my cell phone number, which is relatively close to where I am actually from- Arlington Heights, Illinois. The demographics of Arlington Heights are that it is a mostly white, middle class community with about 60% of households being family households. They would also find that the public school system around the area is a very good one and that the age range for the community is pretty evenly distributed. I only have very basic social media accounts, a Facebook and a Twitter, and I am not very active on either one of them but there is enough information on them to get the just. When I typed my name into google several different ways it didn't turn anything up about me specifically, just other John Hollow Facebook accounts and Twitters mostly. For the most part, I think it is a pretty accurate representation of myself. The demographics of where I am from are accurate, and the information that is on my social media reflects who I am. I didn't find anything on the google search, but I feel like that is pretty typical and I wasn't necessarily expecting to find anything.

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  1. It was the opposite for me. I found more accurate information on me just through Google-ing my name than any other indirect searches. I guess it depends on how common your name is.