Sunday, October 26, 2014

Self Stalking

If someone were looking for me based on my cell phone they would think I'm from
Dubuque, IA which makes sense through my coverage plan but it is no where near where I'm actually from. There may be a way to link it back to me through some additional research but not the quick look up from the number. Having my zip code could tell you I live in predominantly white area, in a fairly well educated, middle class area. A Google search will get you the only social media you can find me on, Facebook, which displays very little current information, and the fact that I am the only Dylan Homuth in the white pages, with some dated information on my address. I find it odd that you can get more information on me, even if it is old, through my name than my cell number. From the inside it is a little unnerving to see how close you can get, while still not being quite there. Going at it from any one angle does not someone get the whole picture but if someone linked them together you could get some idea of where I'm from.

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  1. Dylan, I like the point you make about how you can not get the whole picture, but you are able to get close. That is how I felt when I was doing my searches and only finding some general information about myself.