Sunday, October 26, 2014

Geodemographic Marketing Analysis

After spending some time searching my demographics, one would find that I am from southeast Wisconsin either living in the Milwaukee or Madison area. Both cities of residency have a population of about a 25,000 people and around 85% of that population is white. At my Madison address, the majority of the population is 20-24 years of age and is in pursuit of or has a bachelor’s degree. Overall, this area is no very diverse and you can assume this population has common goals. Specifically goggling my name you find the several profiles I have made on social media sites and some pictures that I have posted come up on the images tab. You can then take and educated guess on my age, school, and who my friends may be. I feel that the information you can find in these simple searches is accurate gives a decent representation of who I am demographically. I find it somewhat creepy that someone only needs to have your name to find out information about you and what you have been up to online. 

1 comment:

  1. Becca, I like how you found so much information bout yourself on google. This might sound creepy, but I decided to give it a try and searching up your name on google for a few seconds. I was surprised to see the number of websites and also pictures that popped up on google search. It's creepy that anyone who knows your name can find you easily online.
    Also, It's interesting how I am also active on social media but I couldn't find any photos neither websites about me. Maybe it's because I have my private settings set high.