Monday, October 27, 2014

Geodemographic Analysis

After doing some research regarding my name and residency, I found some interesting things that really caught my attention. When I looked at my place of residency, I discovered that most of the population consists of people who are 45-54 years old with a total population of 21,710. Also, there are a number of individuals between the ages of 10-19. This definitely makes a lot of sense to me because many families have children who live in my community. Most of my community is made up of white individuals who tend to be very conservative. There are some people of Mexican descent who live within my community as well. This is not surprising to me coming from the southern part of California. What I did find shocking was when I typed my name into Google. I discovered that my name appeared on the first page which consisted of my Facebook profile as well as my Twitter account. I thought that this was very perplexing and did not realize that I would appear under the search results. I found my results just under another person with the same name who is evidently a famous racecar driver.


  1. Matt, I agree how interesting it was to see how easy it is to track yourself down on the Internet. When we think of doing Google searches, we assume everything is so broad, but typing in our name we clearly see it can find everything about us. Also, I agree that it was cool to see by using a zipcode we can find all these specific stats about our hometowns. Your town in California seems similar to where I am from, yet just a little bit bigger.

  2. Hey Matt,
    That's really interesting that you learned some new things about your community. It's even more interesting that you were able to easily find yourself on Facebook and Twitter by doing a simple Google Search. I was not able to find myself this easy!