Monday, October 27, 2014

Geodemographic Analysis

Geodemographic Analysis: Stalking Myself 

Upon doing an in-depth research report on myself using the Internet, it can be concluded that I am a Caucasian 19-year old male from New Jersey. At first, when just plugging in my cell phone, it appears that I am from Ramsey, New Jersey, when in actuality I am from Franklin Lakes. This is probably because Ramsey is where I purchased my phone at the AT&T store, just 10 minutes away from my house. As you get more specific, I learned that it is easy to see I went to Indian Hills High School, as when you type my name in on Google, my high school tennis stats immediately come up. In contrast, when typing in Harry Green on Google, you also see a Nissan Dealership in West Virginia, as well as an indoor rowing facility. By typing in my permanent zipcode, it is clear that the majority of my hometown is white, and it is fairly small with only slightly over 4,500 residents. Furthermore, at a more in-depth level, you can see that over 96% of the population is on track for high school graduation or has received higher and the median age is around 45 years. Upon doing a search on Facebook, you don’t find many other individuals with the same spelling. Those who come up are authors, and musicians, not really other college students. On Linkedin, it is a similar story, as most other matches are spelled with an “e” at the end of Green. This assignment was very interesting, and shows just how unique every individual is. Although they might have the same name, their lives can be completely different. It’s also kind of creepy to see how much about my existence is on the Internet. By using my zip code, one can find everything about my hometown, which would then lead you to find my Linkedin and subsequently my Facebook page as well. All in all, it was cool to see how much about Harry Green, the college sophomore, is on the web.

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