Monday, October 27, 2014

Geodemographic Analysis

Before the search I thought that anyone would be able to find a plethora of information about me, yet that was not the case. After searching my phone number, address, and town online I came up pretty empty-handed. My phone number said I lived in Tinley Park, IL which is a town that I have never even heard of and my address did not even come up with results on the second website, Google Maps may have been a better website to search my address on. By searching my zip code and town, the only information I was able to find was the race distribution and income average. It is obvious that I am from a middle class suburb of Chicago considering our graduation rate is 97.1%. We are also quite diverse in comparison to the neighboring part of Chicago.  Once I searched Google and Facebook, it was quite evident that social media is prominent in our generation. Numerous social media accounts and even old high school Prezi accounts appeared on my Google search and it was obvious through my Facebook that I attend the University of Wisconsin –Madison. By combining the results from the Google and Facebook searches it would be easy for someone to figure out my interests via Facebook but other than that my social media accounts are not linked to one another which makes discovering all my information more difficult. This search showed me that the efforts I have made to keep my identity undiscoverable has been somewhat successful, yet the internet is still knowledgeable.

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