Monday, October 27, 2014

Geodemographic search of myself!

I did a geodemographic search of my zip code in Chicago and I found what reflects very well my community. With a total population in my community of 91, 326, 84.2 % of that population identifies as Hispanic or Latino. I am a part of this percentage. However, average family size within that zip code is 4.17. My nuclear family consists of ten people so this statistic is not reflective of me either. I couldn't find myself on Facebook without having to sift through a bunch of “Daniel Rodriguez’s” since my name is so common I also could not find myself via Google by just searching just my name, email, or telephone. I did however, find myself on LinkedIn; this is a comforting thought because it seems that it’s the only search that I actually came out on, and it’s a professional network! Overall, I am satisfied by not finding myself so easily in the internet. It’s comforting knowing that I was only able to find myself through the professional network, LinkedIn.  Overall, the results to portray a small portion of my identity: my race/ethnicity, and my professional profile.


  1. It was interesting to read about the racial breakdown of your zip code in Chicago since I am also from the area, yet the part I neighbor is primarily Black. It really reflects the different areas of Chicago which make it so unique.

  2. I also found it very satisfying that you really couldn't find that much information. You can find generalities about demographics or narrow in your search if you have certain information. But in general, I was also happy to find that even though there is a lot of information of us out on the internet, it isn't easily accessible by the general public.

  3. I am kind of jealous of your anonymity, due to your name. I was able to find myself very easily, and almost a timeline of my life since high school. I wish I could have a little more privacy, so when I go to interviews or jobs I can choose what I want them to see or don't. In all honesty I might delete my social medias, and restart from scratch so only my linked in is found, such as the case with you.