Monday, October 27, 2014

Geodemographic Analysis

After searching my demographics, it can be concluded that I’m from a northern suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin called Glendale. When entering my phone number on Whitepages, the results said my number is Verizon Wireless Mobile in Milwaukee, WI. My zipcode entered in American FactFinder shows that the 2010 census total population was 46,917 and the median age was 33.7. 85.2% educational attainment of high school graduate or higher. My community was mostly made up of white people, but some mix of African Americans. When I typed my name into social media sites, I found my profile was private to outside users. They was my intentions when creating those profiles. When I typed my name into Google my social media sites such as facebook and tweeter popped up along with Whitepages. Also my graduation awards from high school were shown and a project I made sophomore year on Prezi. I find it weird that people can just Google you and find all this information.

1 comment:

  1. I think it's cool that you mention how you made your accounts private online! That's something I ended up doing after I had comments about things online I never intended certain people to see. Even with how much we try to protect our information it's crazy to see how it is still so easily accessible to the public.