Monday, October 20, 2014

Memex Article

My article that I read was called "The Technical Evolution of Vannevar Bush's Memex" written by Belinda Barnet which was very intriguing. It discusses the evolution and design of the Memex and how it triggered a dramatic change in regards to technology. The author does exhibit a highly optimistic view with the ideas behind this new technological innovation and how it could help aid people. The article first discusses what the capabilities of the Memex are; it is a device that would store information such as books, records, and other forms of communication. Barnet believes that because of Bush's ideas, it helped trigger the development of the internet years later. I definitely agree with the author and that Bush definitely helped lay down the basic foundation of the internet with his theories behind the Memex.  Although Bush's device played a vital role in the development of the web, I do believe that other forms of technology helped contribute to the development of the web further down the road such as the computer. Therefore, the development of the internet should not only be attributed to Bush's Memex, but also the computer years later. This article further displays the changes in technology and how society is always revolving.

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