Monday, October 20, 2014

Memex Commentary

While searching for commentary on Memex, I found some very interesting articles. One out of particular was called, The Lost Manuscripts, Commentary on Bush's Memex by Michael Fraase. He talked about the idea of mass storage and Bush's doubt in the capability of doing so. Fraase does a great job of sharing his critical viewpoint on Bush's Memx. He remains positive and agrees with the concept of associative links and navigational trails and how it forms the basis for hypertext and hypermedia. Focusing on mass storage, Fraase go in depth about how he initially thought he wouldn't need that much space on his first purchased computer, but he was force to spend every sunday clearing out space for that coming week's storage. He argues there will be a great market for cost of additional storage. I agree with Fraase's critical analysis of Bush's doubt in the future society being able to offer its full potential in storing mass amounts of information in a technology. This ties into many technologies we have today. When we think about phones, they are able to do so much in a very small device. We are able to communicate through many sources; messaging, phone calls, internet, emails, and other apps. All of our communication and photos are saved and stored within the phone. Similar to this and even smaller, is the new iWatch by Apple. It can do almost all that a computer can do about 100 or more times smaller though. It is truly amazing to see how such a small object can hold so much information. However, this article was produced in 2009 resulting in Fraase not knowing actually how much technology has grown over the years. The only critic of his work I would say is to maybe go a little in depth with examples especially how technology has transformed in 2009. Overall, Fraase did a great job analyzing Bush's Memex and the overview of technology advancements.

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