Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Self Stalking

I started stalking myself by entering my number into whitepages. The only thing that came up is that the number has AT&T and is from Milwaukee, WI. Then I looked up my hometown, Brookfield, in American Fact Finder. I discovered that the median age of Brookfield is 47, the high school graduation rate is 96.3%, average household income is $88,012 a year, and the population is 93.6% white. Mapping America further showed how predominately white Waukesha County is with it being 92% white. I also saw that 95% of Waukesha County's population has at least a high school education, 38% have at least a bachelor's degree, and 13% have at least a master's degree.

I then performed google searches of my social networking accounts. I couldn't find my Facebook account on the first three pages of the google search and the second link had profiles of a bunch of people named James Bianco and not one of them was my profile. Then I searched for my twitter account and it was the second link on google, but luckily I set my tweets to be protected so I wasn't able to see any of my tweets. I searched for my LinkedIn next and wasn't able to find my profile at all (sadly). Finally, I searched my name in every different combination and I received results for many James and Jim Bianco's but none that had anything to do with me.

Overall, I'm pretty happy that it's nearly impossible to find anything about me. That way a geodemographic firm wouldn't be able to judge me based on the content I post online. However, it'd be nice if my LinkedIn would be easier to find because that's my professional social network and people looking for me would have a hard time finding it.

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