Monday, November 17, 2014

ARIS Experience

Mark McGill, Jesse Schoenike, James Bianco

At first we thought that we would have to physically go to the places listed to finish the game, but later realized you could just quick travel. Eventually we decided to play the 1967 game about the Dow protests in Madison. It was a unique experience where we traveled in various places in Madison to talk to people with different view points. At library mall, we talked to someone who talked about the purpose for the protests, and it was interesting to see how they viewed them. After, it instructed us to talk to the chancellor and we found out how the university condemned the protests. Overall, it was interesting to see how people were thinking during the Vietnam protests. It was cool how the app weaved in actual information such as documents about rules concerning protests. 

Then we played a game called Camp Randall. It marked places at Camp Randall that they wanted us to travel to but we just quick traveled to them since it's way too cold and we're lazy. It gave interesting historical information on the places, such as the Hall of Fame Cannon, the Memorial Arch, and the cannon. We decided we would never actually use this app because it would be easier to look up something on Google and not walk around the city unnecessarily.

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