Monday, November 17, 2014

Aris Experience

John Hollow, Eric W

The game we played was the Camp Randall game. We were definitely glad that "quick travel" was an option because I honestly don't we would have completed any of the quests for any games if we would have had to walk around in the cold. We thought it was really interesting how it gave the history of the stadium and also how it explained what everything was like how "the shell" is used for the track and field team. I personally didn't know where the name Camp Randall came from so it was really interesting to find out that it was an old civil war base. To be honest, we didn't really consider these to be games. It was interesting to learn about some of the most iconic places on campus like Camp Randall, but it was a lot different than what we were originally expecting. When we heard the word game things like Angry Birds come to mind, not the GPS orientated "games" that are on Aris. While we did find it interesting, I don't think either of us would opt to use this app in the future.

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