Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Because of how difficult this task would have been over Halloween weekend I chose to attempt it on Tuesday during the week. I have class almost all day Tuesday with a small break so I figured that giving up technology, especially my phone and laptop, would actually benefit my learning during the classes. Too an extent that was the case, I was less distracted by texts, or the urge to browse through social media during lectures and in discussion. I have my text messaging on my laptop so often times in class I’m texting on my laptop even more than I taking notes. The change seemed beneficial until I realized how much I depend on my phone and computer for academic and organization reasons. I use my phone half the time to check the time to make sure I am on time to class, to check my email for when I need to be at various appointments, and to text classmates about homework questions. I also realized how much harder it is to take notes by hand. I was so use to typing notes that trying to keep up writing by hand was pretty frustrating. Considering I type much faster then I write, I saw how typing produces a neater end product then a sheet full of chicken scratch that I won’t be able to read after. I eventually caved and turned both my electronics back on and had felt a sense of relief knowing that I would again be in the loop with my friends. This activity showed me that I need technology for school, but at the same time I need to limit the excess activities I do along with the academics. I cannot imagine having to go through college at the University of Wisconsin-Madison without technology.

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  1. I agree with your statement that you pay more attention in class. But it also seems to make the class go a lot slower. I was also not able to get through the two days which I thought was kind of sad but I guess thats just how involved we are in technology in this era.