Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Disconnecting Is Hard

When choosing a time to take a break from all technologies, I found it hard deciding between the weekend and during the week. Both times I feel I am in constant communication with my friends through messaging and keeping up with them minute to minute by refreshing my social media. This makes me sound addicted to my phone and to the connection technology provides; However, I believe my habits are not any worse than my peers, it is just how our generation is incorporating the developing technology to our daily lives. I attempted to do this technology disconnect on Monday to Tuesday. This was crazy hard. I found it frustrating that I could not be in my daily routine. I had to meet up with my group for a research project and had to use my phone. Also, in my sorority I am the social media chairman, which requires me to update each social media outlet everyday. This position made this task very difficult because I had many other people counting on me to post information about upcoming events and exciting occurrences. Through this I have found that I could not even do a whole day disconnected from technology. I am too accustomed to this being apart of my daily life. Even if it were not for group projects and my responsibilities, I would still feel the need to be connected to my friends, family, and social media.

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