Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life without a phone...

This assignment was extremely hard to do. I tried not using my phone from Sunday morning to Tuesday morning. It started off pretty well considering I had a lot of homework to do anyways and for the first time wasn't distracted by my phone. I learned you can get a lot done without texting or going on Facebook constantly. However, after about 6 hours I had to ask a friend for help on something and was forced to use my phone. I guess you could say I broke my streak because I also had to figure out dinner plans via my phone. A phone is necessary to communicate with others and my computer has everything I need for homework and social media. I don't know how people survived back in the day without a phone or computer. It truly amazes me, but I know that was the norm back then and people were able to come up with different way to communicate and find information. It would have been interesting to see what that was like. I struggled even going 6 hours without one. Nowadays everything revolves around these technologies especially education. Sadly, this may have been one of the hardest tasks to do so far in this class.

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