Monday, November 10, 2014

Manpower Assignment

When I searched jobs in Milwaukee, Madison, and Boston I found a variety of differences between the three cities.

Milwaukee, WI- Most of the jobs in this area were either contract or temporary. I saw very few permanent jobs, which somewhat surprised me. Some of the jobs included, financial, consultant, and human resource positions. As a pre-business student these jobs interest me, but I'm cautious about the temporary status of them. You definitely would need a college degree or a business background to work for these jobs.

Madison, WI- Almost all the jobs in Madison are contract ones, that consists of manufactories, seasonal jobs, and production plants that pay only a little higher than minimum wage. It doesn't seem like you need a college degree or much background on these jobs. They don't seem very appealing to me for after college. Maybe as a side job while taking classes.

Boston, MA- The jobs offered in Boston are a fair mix of temporary, contract, and permanent. Most of the jobs require some sort of business background. They offer administrative, public relations, specialist, and human resources. These jobs all seem very interesting to me and since I hope to live in Boston one day, they could possibly be an option.

Many of these jobs require non college degrees, which to me don't seem very desirable. I want to be able to use my degree in some way that will benefit me. Most of the jobs were also temporary and contract, which many people don't like. I thought Boston was going to have a lot of offering, but Milwaukee had more. I was disappointed by the offerings of this company and I think most college students would be.

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