Monday, November 10, 2014

Manpower Activity

The three job searches that I did in this activity were Madison, Wisconsin, Orange County, California, and Chicago Illinois.

The first job search that I did was Madison, Wisconsin. I noticed that there was not much diversity when I looked at job opportunities. Most of the jobs were contract based in the manufacturing industry. Only a couple of pages came up when I typed in Madison, Wisconsin. Jobs could lack in diversity in this region because it is a smaller city with less jobs available.

The second job search that I looked up was my hometown Orange County, California. I researched jobs with a radius of 25 miles from my house. Even though this may not seem to cover much ground, there was a diverse array of jobs. Job opportunities were available from the manufacturing and automotive industry to marketing. There was seven pages of jobs with a grand total of 64. I am definitely not surprised by these numbers because my hometown is pretty big with a large population. This opens up a larger job market for people and gives them greater opportunities to explore their interests.

The third job search that I did was Chicago, Illinois. One day I may live there, but as of right now I am not too sure. I found similar results to my hometown and it was clear that Chicago had a large job market. All sorts of jobs were available from manufacturing to business. I was definitely not surprised by these results because Chicago is one of the major cities in the United States causing a vast opportunity for jobs in many industries.

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  1. I'm from the suburbs on Chicago and eventually want to live there as well! I think with the right education, and a lot of luck its possible to get a great career in the city.