Monday, November 10, 2014

Manpower Search

The three location that I searched for jobs on Manpower were Madison, WI, Brookfield, WI, and Charlotte, NC.

My search for Madison, WI gave me results for fifteen job postings but eleven were in
Madison. The other 4 were in cities within 25 miles of Madison. Of these eleven jobs, only two of them were permanent positions. The two permanent jobs, one as an auditor and the other as a manager of customer service would be appealing because the salaries are 60k and 90k a year. They both require Bachelor's degrees, prior work experience in the field, and the manager position requires a number of years leading, managing, and developing a team of professionals. The rest of the positions are temporary or seasonal and don't require any technological skills and can be done with a high school education, such as a truck driver, warehouse worker, or worker on an assembly line.

My search for Brookfield, WI had 101 job postings but only one was in Brookfield. The job was for a warehouse worker who is in great physical shape to unload heavy inventory from truck trailers.

My search for Charlotte, NC yielded 38 job postings with 32 of them actually being in Charlotte. Only four of these positions were permanent jobs. One of the permanent jobs is a Service Desk Analyst Lead that is required to have a bachelor's degree in managerial information systems and have in-depth knowledge of many internet and computer softwares. The other permanent jobs require knowledge of software training such as the MS programs and banking software. The majority of the temporary positions don't require much technological skills and can preformed by those with high school degrees.

I've realized that this company is more utilized by those companies searching for unskilled labor that can be preformed by anyone with a basic high school education. There were many few jobs that required technological skills and of those that did, they required many skills and years of experience and were relatively high paying positions. The most job postings went in descending order based on the population of the city. I'm guessing Brookfield didn't have any but one postings because a large portion of the population has or is working on a college education and aren't interested in temporary unskilled jobs offered by the majority of the job postings.

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