Monday, November 10, 2014

Manpower Online Activity

The three cities that I used for my Manpower job search were Madison, WI, Stevens Point, WI, and Los Angeles, California. Stevens Point is my hometown, and LA is an area of the country that I love and would strongly consider living in some day. It made sense that the majority of the 23 results found were jobs in the LA area, as its population is immense when compared to Madison, and especially when compared to my small home-town. Only a two results listed were from my home-town area. Most of the quality, permanent jobs were found in LA, suggesting a stronger job market in the area. Typical jobs offered in Madison range from call center representative to truck driver to more general labor-based jobs. The job descriptions for LA jobs seemed to indicate overall that these jobs were more technology-focused and selective, indicating again the stronger job market in the LA area. With California being a state with strong computer and other technology markets, it does not surprise me that these jobs are generally more technology-intensive.

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