Monday, November 10, 2014

Manpower City Search

Madison, Wisconsin: Almost all of the job findings are contract positions in a manufacturing and production plant with pay around $9.00 per hour. You may not need a college degree to get one of these positions, basic technology skills could do. I do not think these are appealing jobs for the pay is low and they do not appear fun or exciting.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A majority of these jobs are contracted and temporary, not permanent employment. However, a majority of the job titles are financial and insurance titles. These positions are more appealing because they require more developed skills that one would have with a business degree.

Minneapolis, Minnesota: There were fewer jobs postings in Minneapolis than Milwaukee but still the same type: temporary and contracted. The skills required are secretary, administration, and people skills which many candidates could possess having gone to college or not.

            As the city and population increased in size so did the number if job positions except for in the metro area of Minneapolis. There were more high quality jobs as you go toward the cities. Yes you could apply for a trucking or a manufacturing job earning a little more than minimum wage but there is a huge difference with a college degree. Overall, these jobs will not seem so attractive to those with college degrees compared to others on their search.

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  1. I agree with you Becca, these jobs did not seem very interesting to me either. I only really found the Milwaukee ones to be relevant since they offered more jobs with a college degree and paid more. However, I didn't like how most were contract or temporary.