Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Manpower research

First I looked at jobs available near my zip code in Madison. I found the results were quite limited compared to the other searches I did. The temp agency was looking for employees mostly to aid in production and there were other general labor positions. This is not suprising that the results were so general because there are less people. Also there is a high pool of educated workers in the Madison area so it was not suprising the jobs had low technology skill requirements. Second I looked at my hometown and the surrounding area. I live near Milwaukee so there were a lot of jobs to look at. A general trend I noticed was that there were a lot of low skill jobs in manufacturing and assembly as well as higher skill jobs in marketing and human resources. It makes a lot of sense to me that there is a lot of available jobs in industry but I was suprised there were not more jobs in business and banking. Finally I looked at jobs in the Chicago area which was my most interesting search. The main results were looking for administrative and executive assistants. There were also jobs as analysts and data entry. It is interesting that the city with the largest availability for temp jobs had the highest requirements. These jobs were primarily centered around the use of technology. Overall this website was a very interesting tool to look at the job market in cities.

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