Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Manpower Research

Throughout this search I came to the conclusion that different skills are needed in different areas of the country. In Madison, there were 2 permanent jobs and 1 temp job. The first three jobs consisted of an auditor which required no tech skills, Manager of customer service which required 2 years in software sector experience, and a call center representative which required no tech skills. These jobs are highly specific and although not technical, sound like interesting office work. Chicago had 10 permanent jobs and 3 temporary jobs. The first 3 jobs were: 1) Courier which required no technical experience and doesn’t look very appealing 2) Project manager which required at least 7 years in the IT project services sector. It looks like a good job since I don’t really mind computers, and 3) Business consultant- must be comfortable with tablet and cloud-based solutions, and ability to apply technical skills to help small businesses grow; this also seems interesting since it involves technology. Finally, San Diego consisted of 9 permanent and 16 temporary jobs-the only case of the three searches where temporary jobs exceed permanent. Also, the first 3 jobs were basically general labor: 1) Warehouse Clerk 2) Material Handler and 3) Assembler. None of these jobs required any technical skills nor do they seem interesting to me since  I am pursuing a more specialized line of work. It was interesting to see that the job results for the San Diego search yielded less technical jobs than both Madison and Chicago.  

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