Tuesday, November 11, 2014


The three cities I researched were Madison WI, Palatine IL, and Vancouver.

Madison- Madison had a few jobs that were permanent and many more that were temporary. There seemed to be a wide spread of different jobs from auditor to truck driver. There were several temporary and contract jobs, but two required a higher education and paid a good yearly salary. Auditor and Manager of Customer service pay upwards of $90,000 a year and could be a great career to pursue.

Palatine- In Palatine there were a few different options for work. There were radio tester jobs, various manual labor/ building jobs, and call centers. These all seem to be temporary jobs, which would not pay very well as a career. All of these require virtually no education to hold, and basic skills. I would not look into any of these as potentially good career paths.

Vancouver- Vancouver only had two jobs on this site, which seems kind of worrisome that I want to live there eventually. The two jobs were Case Manager and Event Server. Both of these are temporary or contract jobs. Neither of which could or should be pursued as potential careers.

All in all, most the jobs on this site are temporary or contract jobs. Usually these jobs have a pay around $10-$15 per hour, for a limited amount of time. The permanent and well paying jobs, all needed additional experience and education such as college. It just goes to show how education will pay off in the future, if you can secure a good job. Only thing that scared me from this is that if this is the largest website for work, where are al the options for jobs?

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