Monday, November 10, 2014


Madison, WI: The jobs that I found in Madison seemed mostly to be contract or temporary jobs. Most of them did not seem to have very many requirements besides high school diploma and basic skills. Certain ones needed more depending on the job title. These jobs do not look good for me because they are mostly seasonal or different types of assembly.

St. Paul, MN: The jobs that I found in the St. Paul area were already looking different then Madison from the first page. There was more jobs listed which helped, but there were quite a few more permanent jobs then in Madison. There were still a lot of temporary/contract jobs but the permanent jobs related to me more. They had a number of different engineering positions that I could possibly be interested in.

Portland, OR: The jobs that I found in the Portland area ranged from permanent to contract jobs. There were about the same number of jobs posted as in St. Paul. As far as how the jobs related to me was not very good. Most of them were construction or welding jobs that I do not have an interest in.

Overall, This website does have numerous job opportunities that could help people find work. Not a lot of them required college graduation which does not really interest myself. I do not think this is a great company for college students to use when looking for a job, but some people may get lucky with it.

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  1. It's interesting to see that Madison jobs didn't require much technical skill. I would have assumed otherwise given the impact of the university on the state. More interesting though was how you can see the increase in technical skill level required in Portland and St. Paul. I came to a similar conclusion on my blog post; this site seems to provide a great deal of non-technical job postings so it wouldn't be ideal for college students seeking more specific careers.