Monday, November 3, 2014

Off Social Media

I'm saying that I made it through the weekend without social media, though I will admit to using my cell phone twice for what I deemed as legitimate uses. The first to call my mother on her birthday, and the second was to coordinate with a partner for another class' project. I didn't think this would be a difficult assignment to be honest. I never felt like I've had a particular attachment to social media and I'm not much of a text-er, plus I had so much to do for other classes this weekend I just didn't have the time to mess around. I did notice an impulse to check Facebook every once in a while, when I was taking breaks, so maybe I'm more attached to it than I thought. The most difficult thing to me was that I usually play music of the internet while I'm working and I decided I couldn't do that as a personal rule. I had to trudge up some old music on my computer which was fun but I have to admit it is way better to have whatever you want by just typing it in.

1 comment:

  1. Dylan, you are very commendable. I never made it through. I used the computer and phone all Friday and all weekend. I never stood a chance. One thing I found problematic with the video we watched, those kids were stupid for even attempting this assignment in college. College is expensive and no point in risking your academics with nonsense of not using computers. I have to use a computer every day every hour for school. The University mandates the use of computer and there is no way around it. I like that you had old music to listen to. I like going back to classics every once in awhile.