Monday, November 24, 2014

Online Presence in LIS 201

Online Presence 

            This is the most blogging experience I have had in a class. I enjoyed being able to express my opinion online and felt confident in putting my work out there for classmates to read and comment on. This writing is how I would represent myself in discussion sessions; however, I feel that I am more formal and sophisticated in my writing assignments and on the exams. My writing tends to be more analytical when it is more professional and formal. I am proud of this work because I learned about myself and the advancing information society through these assignments, but in my future work, I will choose to appear more polished and professional. The self-presentation that is most effective and “true” would be my voice in the formal writing assignments. I enjoyed researching those topics and the length of the assignment gave me the opportunity to form a strong argument and sub points. This is the best representation of my talents because given the longer amount of time, I was able to articulate my thoughts and come off as professional.

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