Monday, November 24, 2014

Online Presence

My experience with blogging and posting my writing on sites like this was very minimal before taking this class. I had close to no experience with blogs and hardly knew what they were used for. After taking this class and posting things over the course of the semester, I have a better understanding of how to use sites such as the blog and wiki sites. I do think that my writing is much more formal when it comes to my online assignments, but this is definitely not the way how I communicate with others when I speak or even send text messages to my friends. Also, my formal writing can be portrayed in my two essays. I think that using a formal language, especially in a college essay is a must and should be done in a professional manner; slang language should not be used in these assignments. This is why I used this type of language in my essays. I think that the PowerPoint project regarding my book displays the best talents that I have. This is because I was able to show my creativity and it allowed me to add pictures, format my slides in the way I wanted to, and add text to the slides. Furthermore, the book project was open-ended with a lot of time allotted. There were many opportunities where I could showcase my talent for being a creative person with the amount of time given and few restrictions.

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