Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Online Assignment

ManPower Search

As it turns out, my search was able to be made very specific, because not only did they have Madison as an option, but they had my actual hometown as well as a place I would potentially want to be employed in when I am older. Out of the 28 jobs postings that I found, most were out here in Madison. Specifically, most were contract based and targeted people looking for extra money around the holiday season. For example, someone was looking for a water treatment assembler, which consists of putting together plastic containers, tanks and other water treatment products. In terms of technology, jobs in Madison were temporary, and dealt with using the phone and computer to satisfy customers. Furthermore, employers in Madison wanted manufacturers who could work in the warehouse as an attendant or truck driver. Moving on to my hometown, many of these jobs were contract as well. They consisted of helping supervisors oversee operations and coordinating daily plans. Particularly, one ad asked for someone to check trucks to make sure they are empty. The technology skills involved in these jobs were using excel to stay organized and keep track of a teams progress. Lastly, looking at potential jobs in an area in Connecticut, I found that most listings were temporary and centered on scanning and indexing forms. This involves the technology of a computer and keeping track of files. Furthermore, I also found a listing to manage inventory reports, which I something I actually have experience in from an internship I did with a pharmaceutical company. All the aforementioned jobs don’t look too bad, and seem fairly convenient given my computer skills capabilities and previous exposure. Overall, this activity shows the wide variety of jobs that all include knowledge and expertise with the computer and technology in general.

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  1. I found it really interesting that a lot of jobs in Connecticut were temporary. I would have guessed that there would be more permanent jobs there.